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Missiles (Hand-Held)
Above is 2 COLDM GDS at Putlos Truppenubungsplatz in Ostsee on the Baltic near Kiel. Moved up by rail from Fallingbostel rail head for EX First Flight test firing of the MILAN Anti-tank Missile in 1981, this was the first time Milan was used in BAOR. The EX was admin and run by Support Company 2COLD M GDS for 1st Brit Corps. Approx six weeks in the fresh air and sun living in a west German Barracks. The picutre on the right shows the flight path during night firing. The bit on the left is where the bang originates from.
Courtesy of Mr Robert Huggins
Introduced in the mid-1970's, Blowpipe was supposedly a man-portable Surface to Air Missilse (SAM) and was also developed to be fitted to Submarine conning towers as a Submarine Launched Airflight Missile (SLAM). It had its drawbacks and was withdrawn in the mid-1980's, being replaced by the Javelin system which in itself was replaced by the Starstreak system.
10 (Assaye) AD Bty (part of 45 Regt RA) was equipped with Blowpipe (Blowjob, as it was often called), and are seen here on Benbecula at the end of Conversion Training in late 1977, prior to moving to Hohne. 
Courtesy of Morris Felton
 Missiles (Launcher Mounted)
Thunderbird Missile deployed on Exercise in B.A.O.R. mid-1976
Photograph courtesy of Morris Felton
Honest John