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St George's Barracks 
 Named after the English patron saint, St George.
Home to:
27th Field Engineer Regiment 1950-1957 (1)
19th Field Regiment RA 1957-1964 (2)
1st Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers 1964-1967 (3)
664 Squadron Army Air Corps 1983-Mar 1992 
4 Armoured Division Transport Regiment RCT 1977-1992 (4)
42 Ordnance Company 1983-? (5)
43 Ordnance Company RAOC (6)
32 Ordnance Company RAOC
Minden Garrison Ammunition Compound
A6 Detachment, Defence Animal Support Unit, RAVC
Garrison Lecture Facility - The King Hall
Closed 24 September 1993

(1) Under 6th Armoured Division. This Division was absorbed by 2 Division. Disbanded in 1957, the Squadrons were dispersed - 1 Fd and 44 Fd Pk Squadrons to 4 Division, 25 Fd Sqn stayed with 4 Division, and 28 Fd Sqn went to 6 Training Regiment in Cove.
(2) 19 Fd Regt was commanded for a time by George Crookenden, both in BAOR and Aden. He later went on to command BRIXMIS for an 18 month period, exact dates are not known but are thought to be around 1970 to 1972. See here for an obituary. Whether there is a connection between the family and Crookenden Barracks in Essen is unknown.
(3) Arriving from Aldershot Barracks, Iserlohn and departing for Honiton, Devon in 1967.
(4) Arriving from Glamgorgan Barracks, Duisburg in August 1977. Before the move the unit had been known as 4 Div RCT. Consisted of 11, 12, 19, & 76 (HQ) Sqns & a REME Workshops. Moved to the UK in 1992, becoming part of 4 Regiment RLC.
(5) Arrived from Salamanca Barracks, Soest, having been known as 3 Armoured Division Ordnance Company.
(6) It is thought that 43 Company was either disbanded, or renamed 32 Ordnance Company RAOC. Help please

The above picture is courtesy of Konversionsflächen in NRW.

4th Armoured Division Transport Regiment RCT


The 4th Armoured Division Transport Regiment can trace its recent history from 1956 when the 4th Division reformed following its disbandment in 1947. In 1967 the Regiment moved to Duisburg where it remained until 1976, having been replaced by the 3rd Armoured Division Transport Regiment. It later moved St George's Barracks Minden.


Its role in BAOR was to provide transport support to the 4th Armoured Division. It had two task squadrons, 11 Squadron and 19 Squadron under command, together with 76 Squadron, its Headquarters squadron, and a Regimental Workshop REME. Troops deploy in support of battlegroups on exercise - in Germany, in Canada and elsewhere, and squadrons exercise with their affiliated brigades.


During Operation Granby the Regiment was deployed as part of 1 (United Kingdom) Armoured Division and was complete in theatre by January 1991, having taken 1 Squadron and 38 Squadron under command and converted 76 Squadron into a task squadron. Its role was to support the Divisional Artillery Group, each squadron supporting aseparate Artillery Regiment. As each truck arrived in theatre it was tasked on the outload, which continued until 16 February, when the Regiment moved to a Divisional Concentration Area to support the preliminary raids. On 25 February, the Regiment moved through the breach with the Artillery Group, ahead of the rest of the Division. The next three days were a continuous cycle of advance - deploy guns - fire - resupply - advance, as the artillery devastated successive Iraqi positions, prior to the assault by the armoured brigades of the Division. Victory came on 28 February and the Division concentrated outside Kuwait city. The Regiment continued to support the Division and provide humanitarian aid to the Kuwaitis, until its return to Minden in April.


The Regiment had always maintained strong sporting traditions, taking part in most Army competitions. It has won at the RCT Ski Championships every year they were held and had the most successful shooting team in the RCT, winning the Divisional and Corps Skill at Arms titles and finishing second in the Army Iron Sight Championship at Bisley last year. As part of the re-structured Army, the 4th Armoured Division disbandand, and with it its Transport Regiment, in August 1993.

I was at St George's Barracks in Minden from Oct 1966 to Dec 1969 when I served with 54 Sqn RCT (Bridging Unit).
Stuart Brownley 
The dates for this unit's stay at Minden are unknown. Help please.