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The order of the heading is entirely intentional - without Regiments there would have been no Brigades - Without Brigades there would be no Divisions, and without Support Corps there would be no support to those Regiments, Brigades, or Divisions. And the same goes for the other Arms of the Services who served in B.A.O.R. Be they Navy (without ships there are no Fleets) or Air Force (without aircraft there are no Squadrons).
This page is dedicated to the Regiments, Brigades, and Corps, that have graced BAOR/BFG over the years. They will be displayed in numerical/ alphabetical order rather than seniority for the time being. This is not meant to be a slight/snub/insult to any Regiment, Brigade or Corps, only that it will be easier for visitors with little experience of Military etiquette, seniority etc. to find what they may be looking for. All those who served in B.A.O.R played a part, and should be rightly proud of that part, whether it be support or possible front line troops. You were there - National Service, Regular soldier, immediate post-war, the Cold War years, or subsequent years - you were there. Tell us about it!!
Should you wish to add your own please email in. Please see the General page of the Forum before sending details.

1 Royal Tank Regiment


2 Royal Tank Regiment


2 Group RCT


3rd Armoured Division Transport Regiment RCT


3 Regiment Army Air Corps


4th Armoured Division Transport Regiment RCT


4th Armoured Workshop REME/ 3 Battalion REME


5th Battalion The Rifles


7 Close Support Company of 2 Bn REME


7 Signal Regiment


8 Regiment RCT/ 8 Transport Regiment RLC


10 Corps Transport Regiment RCT


14 Field Survey Sqn, RE


15 (Advanced) Base Ordnance Depot RAOC


16 Tank Transport Squadron


14 Berlin Field Workshop REME


17 Vehicle Company ROAC


23 Base Workshop, REME


24 Missile Regiment RA


24 Transport and Movements Regiment RCT


32 Armoured Engineer Regiment RE 


62 Squadron (Berlin) RCT


71 Field Worskshop (Aircraft) REME 


318 Military Transport MSO RASC


617 Tank Transporter Squadron


RAOC Field Force Units




2nd Parachute Brigade/16 Parachute Brigade