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Norwegian participation in the occupation of Germany after the Second World War had been discussed with the British while the Norwegian government-in-exile stayed in the United Kingdom during WW2. It was originally planned that each Brigade would spend 6 months in Germany.

The Advance Party of the first Norwegian contingent (Brigade 471 – the first two numbers were the year, the last number meaning it was the first of 1947) sailed from Norway on the 10th January 1947, arriving in Cuxhaven on the 13th January. All components of Brigade 471 were in place by March 1947, a total of approximately 4,200 personnel.

Because of difficulties in translation at this time, it is not really possible to accurately follow the timeline of those Brigades who followed on from 471. An approximate timeline (open to correction) is as follows;

Brigade 471 - Advance Party arrived January 1947, fully in place by March 1947
Brigade 472 – June 1947 to January 1948
Brigade 481 – January 1948 to July/August 1948
Brigade 482 – July/August 1948 to January/February 1949
Brigade 491 – January/February 1949 to July/August 1949
Brigade 492 – August 1949 to February 1950
Brigade 501 – February 1950 to August 1950
Brigade 502 – August 1950 to March 1951
Brigade 511 – March 1951 to October 1951
Brigade 512 – October 1951 to April/May 1952
Brigade 521 – April/May 1952 to October 1952
Brigade 522 – October 1952 to April 1953.

Brigade 522 was the last Norwegian contingent to serve in Germany in that capacity. As far as can be seen, all equipment was RTU to Norway, RTU to those units who loaned equipment, or disposed of in other ways.

More details have been received in regard to the Norwegian Brigade. They were received some time ago but other factors prevented them being uploaded until now. The text below gives details of the initial deployment of the Norwegian Brigade, and its subsequent moves. It also gives the names of the Barracks with the British names, where they are known. As with all details posted on the site, they are open to correction and additions.


Brigade HQ Northeim

1st Infantry Battalion Seesen

2nd Infantry Battalion Bad Gandersheim

3rd Infantry Battalion Einbeck

Reconnaissance Squadron Northeim

Artillery Field Regiment Holzminden

Engineer Company Holzminden

Signals Company Northeim

Transport Company Northeim

Military Police Company Northeim

Brigade Maintenance and Repair Workshop Gottingen

Medical Units Northeim (Norwegian Military Medical Teams were also based in BMH Hanover)

Names of Barracks (British in Brackets)


Gandersheim - Trandur (Coventry) Barracks

Gottingen - Starum (Stopford) Barracks

Holzminden - Hegra (Cheshire) Barracks

Hoxter - Bergenhus (Hove) Barracks

Northeim - Akershus (Fusilier) Barracks


Brigade HQ Braunschwieg - Vika (Charles) Barracks

Goslar - Heimdal (Hastings) Barracks

Goslar - Oscarsborg (Seaforth) Barracks

Goslar - Sagatun (Manchester) Barracks

Gottingen - Nordleida (Border) Barracks


Brigade HQ Schleswig

1st Infantry Battalion Flensburg

2nd Infantry Battalion Husum

3rd Infantry Battalion Itzehoe Note 1

Reconnaissance Squadron Rendsburg

Artillery Field Regiment Flensburg

Engineer Company Neumunster

Signals Company Schleswig

Transport Company Rendsburg

Stores Company Neumunster

Military Police Company Schleswig

Brigade Maintenance and Repair Company Neumunster

Medical Units Rendsburg (Norwegian Military Medical Teams were also based in the Civilian Hospital in Schleswig)


Brigade Headquarters Schleswig

1st Infantry Battalion Rendsburg

2nd Infantry Battalion Holtenau Kiel

Field Regiment Flensburg

Anti Aircraft Battery Husum

Anti Tank Battery Flensburg Murwick

Engineer Company Rendsburg

Signals Company Schleswig

Transport/Stores Company Schleswig

Maintenance and Repair Company Schleswig Land

Medical  Units Schleswig (Norwegian Medical Teams were also based in the local Civilian Hospital)