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Brompton Barracks
Dorset Barracks
Hendon Barracks
Similar to Flensburg, actual Barracks where individual units may have been is unclear as yet. Therefore, the units that are known are listed below, and will be moved to their respective areas when it is known.
46 Highland Brigade, part of 15 Scottish Division, were the first British troops to be based in Kiel area at the end of WW2, 7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders were the first to be based in the Holtenau Barracks but stayed less than a week. Other units in the first phase of the occupation of the Hanseatic City, Provincial Capital of Schleswig Holstein and the largest Naval Base in Germany included:-

Headquarters Kiel Brigade (formed from Headquarters Artillery 8th Corps and in overall command of all Army units in the city) May 1945-??
46 Highland Brigade(9th Battalion The Cameronians, 2nd Battalion The Glasgow Highlanders, 7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders) May 1945 (Note 1)
117 Infantry Brigade Royal Marines (31 Battalion, 32 Battalion and 33 Battalion RM) May –July 1945 (Note 2)
63 (Oxfordshire Yeomanry) Anti Tank Regiment RA
121 (Leicestershire) Light Anti Aircraft Regiment RA
10 Survey Regiment RE
224 and 278 Field Companies plus specialist units RE
193 Field Ambulance RAMC
90 Company RASC
312/516/909 Military Government Detachments, Control Commission Germany

4th Royal Horse Artillery July 1945-1948
1st Battalion Grenadier Guards ??1945-??1946
29 Field Regiment RA 1948-1951
Elements of 6 Guards Brigade were also based in the Kiel area during the Summer/Autumn 1945 (Note 3)
2nd Infantry Battalion and Patrol Company, Norwegian Tyskland Brigade Spring 1951-April 1953 (Note 4)
Advanced Watermanship Training Centre Royal Engineers 1960-??
British Kiel Yacht Club

(Note1) Handed over military responsibilities in the City to 117 Bde RM and were redeployed elsewhere in Schleswig Holstein
(Note2) Assumed responsibility for providing the Guard Force for the Naval Dockyards and Occupation duties though out the city
(Note3) Former 6 Guards Armoured Brigade
(Note 4) Based in Hendon Barracks

Brompton could reflect either a London connection or the Chatham Kent Sapper training establishment. Alternatively the name may have been given by elements of 117 Infantry Brigade Royal Marines who were based in Kiel throughout Summer 1945 (There was a large Royal Marines presence in the Medway towns). A Guards Brigade were also based in the area in Summer 1945.