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"The camp was a farmhouse converted into offices downstairs and accomodation upstairs. There was also a spider type hut which housed the kitchen and eating area, and another building which housed a few vehicles and recovery truck with flashing lights! There was also a single story building which was used as a NAAFI roadhouse. It was completely surrounded by a fence and had a gate house attended by a German civilian. It was located right next to the autobann alongside a petrol station and service area."
S/Sgt Mike Bolland who was in the original camp in 1960-61.
The unit strength when I was there was:

1 x Maj OC
1 x WO2 CSM
3 or 4 sergeants
about 20 junior ranks (might have been less!!)

All above were RMP. In Addition

2x Royal Sigs
1x Medic (cpl)
4 x REME ( 1 sgt and 3 cpls including 1 recovery mech)
2x Russian interpreters = 1 WO2 (Para) 1 Ssgt (Reme)
all the rest, cooks admin etc were German civilians.

The camp was right next to the Autobahn. It was purpose built and was about 2 miles or less from checkpoint Alpha. The camp contained the Naffi Roadhouse as it was called. there was a separate area for officers/senior ranks. The cpls mess was also part of the Naffi although we had a separate area. It was handed back to the Germans after the wall came
down. The camp also contained the OC's house and a block of about six flats (Married quarters).
"As a point of interest in front of the married quarters block there was a
fenced off grassed area for kids to play in. On the edge of this was a
manhole cover. someone one day while I was there decided to investigate what
this cover was for. Out comes the recovery truck and the crane is 
 deployed!!, off comes the cover and underneath was what appeared to be the
cellar of an old brewery!! complete with old bottles. I was on duty at the 
time and couldn't go and have a look but I did watch everyone going down for
a look hanging off the crane!!. Even the OC."

Writing above and pics below courtesy of Mr David Wood, RMP.


Hurrah the Corps!