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A straight line drawn on a map between Bielefeld and Hildesheim would pass through Hameln.


The area has had a British Army presence for many years, and this has mainly been Engineer oriented. The presence of the River Weser made it ideal for bridging exercises and river crossings.
Arnd Wöbbeking lives in Emmerthal near Hameln, and no doubt known to those who were stationed there. He is in the process of developing a website charting the British Army presence in Hameln, and it can be found here. It is in both English and German.
Photographs courtesy of Arnd Wöbbeking
The above photographs are of the area of the Ammunition Dump Bückeberg at Hagenohsen. Not to be confused with the other Bückeberg, this is an area of high ground approximately 9km south of Hameln.