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To Add or Amend Information, First please first join our forum
Then go to and post message here:

To add your own images to the forum please follow these instructions:


1) In the Forum/thread you wish to post an image, you can choose either Post Reply if it is connected or New Topic if that is what it is.


2) Above the text box there are various boxes with headings in them. Click on Host an image.


3) A new window should open from It may require you to sign up - use the e-mail address you used for the Forum, and your Forum password.


4) You should see on the screen a grey box with "Upload your image" within it. If you have the image saved on your own computer, click on the "Browse" button. When you find the image in your files, double click on it.


5) The box to the left of the "Browse" button should now contain the reference for your image. Look at the end of the entry to see if it matches the title of your image.


5) At the bottom of the grey box there is a button - Host It. Click on it


6) The page should change to "My image" with a small version of your image at the top. Scroll down to BBcode. You have two options here. You can either use the "Thumbnail" or the "Image" headings.


7) Under the option you choose, click on the "Copy" button. The text in the box should become highlighted.


8) Close the window. You should now be able to see the your page for Post Reply or New Topic.


8) Right click over the text box and click on Paste. Make sure the cursor is there. You will not see your image at this time, just a long string of letters and numbers.


9) If you wish, preview your message before sending. you should now be able to see your image in the Preview box. Satisfied with the thumbnail* or image, then click Send.


10) Your post should be complete. Well done that man.


*The thumbnail will give a small image on your post that will be enlarged when clicked on.