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Fort York
2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) 1953-1955 
2nd Battalion, Canadian Guards 1957-1959
 1st Battalion, Canadian Guards 1959-1962
1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) 1962-1964
2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) 1965-1970 
The Army Kinema Corporation, Globe Theatre (AKC) 1953-1970
Maple Leaf Services (MLS) 1953-1970
A picture is worth ten thousand words so they say, here is a shot (shown below) from Google Earth that shows both Ft York and Ft Henry. The back gate of Ft York is Teigelhof, which I believe gave access to the locals for the ice rink to see ice hockey and general skating, the front gate is on the road up from Bergede. Wildebauer is shown but looks to be a new developement, I don't remember any buildings past Bergede, but a lot changes in 38 years. Going south from Ft York you see what looks like a sports track, then some buildings in the woods,that was No 1 Field Detention Barracks (Crowbar Hotel), just south again is another group of buildings, that was Ft Henry (HQ 4CIBG and HQ Canadian Base Units Europe), both sites have been enlarged since they became an industrial park, but I can look at them and see the basic layout as it was. Ft York was home for The Royal Canadian Regiment. Hope this is of some use and that I haven't gone on too much.
Tony Sutton ex R.A.S.C./R.C.A.S.C/CF Logistics