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Depot 90
(Corps Ammunition Depot, Sennelarger)
Captured almost intact by the American Army in 1945 and handed over to 21 Army Corps for use as a Corps Forward Ammunition Depot
Was 1 (BR) Corps Ammuntion Company 
Operated by 44 (RP) Company ( renamed 53 Ordnance Company)
1 (BR) Corps Combat Supplies Battalion RAOC (renamed 5 Ordnance Battalion RAOC)
Became part of 6 Supply Regiment RLC in 1993 and 63 Supply Sqadron RLC
 The depot held 1 (BR) Corps, 2nd line Ammuntion in WWII Earth & Tree covered bunkers and  everything from 9mm to 175mm and Lance MMA's ..........
They also produced and held stocks of BAOR SIMMO (Simulated Ammunition).
Closed in 2000 (need to confirm)
Battalion HQ & Soldiers Accommodation was at Barker Barracks in nearby Paderborn

Map of Depot 90 circa 1960

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