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Border Barracks
According to literature written in Norwegian,
the barracks was re-named by them as Nordleida
The Advance Party of Brigade 471 sailed from Norway 10th January 1947.
All parts of the Brigade were in place by March.
Late 1947 until Autumn 1948


1st Bn Worcestershire Regiment  May 1949 - Mar 1950
1st Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers Oct 1950 – Mar 1953
1st Bn King's Shropshire Light Iinfantry 1953 – Mar 1955
1st Bn Border Regiment 1955 -
3 Royal Tank Regiment circa 1954
I have very little information on Göttingen, however I do have some pictures of a very early camp there.
The town had two camps, so I believe. One was home to the Rhine Army College and was in use between 1945 and 1955.
The other was a typical barracks used to house a unit and was used up until around 1959. Any help would be appreciated.
Gottingen was in the extreme South East corner of the British Zone of Occupation but following the signing of the German Peace Treaty and the admission of West Germany into NATO defence of the area in the event of a Warsaw Pact attack became the responsibility of a Belgian Army Brigade with barracks in the surrounding area and as far west as Soest. The permanent British presence in Gottingen would have ceased by the mid 1950s.
Mr Peter Watson