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BMH Hannover
After being handed the back to the stadt, the building is now being used as flats .
In 1956 BFN Cologne which hitherto had broadcast on the medium waveband changes its frequency and went onto the UHF band and FM. There didn't seem to be much advance publicity about this, at least I don't remember it although it must have been given. BMH Hannover which was only a few miles from 4 Armd Wksps asked for help because the hospital radio, which was tuned to BFN, had lost its signal. Cpls Dudley and Cooper were dispatched in the Bedford 'Z' lorry to investigate. The hospital staff thought that the Station had changed its frequency and we hoped that this was the case because the amplifier was in a steel cabinet about 4 feet tall with a radio mounted on top (but without any tuning controls). We booked a call to BFN and waited for about 2 hours until we were able to ascertain that frequencies had indeed been changed and were given a figure something near the 90 MHerz region. We thus removed the radio section and by devious means retuned it to the required frequency. Fortunately this was efficacious and we were delighted that there was no problem with the amplifier which was a formidable kilowatt device (in the days of thermionic valves this generated much heat) which fed speakers in every ward of the hospital. We then had to go round sections of the hospital, dressed unhygienically in denim tank suits, to check on the results which were favourable. When we left we were mightily relieved. If there had been an amplifier fault we may have had to call out the German engineers (Telefunken I think) to service the kit, which would have been infra dig to REME Tels personnel.
Courtesy of 22794010 Sgt. Cooper C.E