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Bad Salzuflen
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14(Corps) Field Survey Company RE 1945 - 1947 (1)
Soxmis (Soviet Military Mission)
(1) Redesignated 14 Field Survey Squadron RE in 1947, moving to Minden. These details were found here
Bad Salzuflen is situated between Lemgo (15km) and Herford (7km), and is about 24km from Bielefeld.
There are no records of any long term Barracks in the town, but at least one unit was there for a time, as shown above. They were billeted in Moltke Strasse, approximately in the centre of the town.
SOXMIS (Soviet Military Mission)
During the summer of 1952 I was serving as a LCpl with 1 Corps Provost Company, CRMP on exercise somewhere in the Teutoburger Wald, when one of our chaps spotted a car belonging to the Soviet Military Mission speeding through our territory, well outside its permitted area. We were waiting for a big airborn drop and the Soviets were forbidden to come anywhere near. Despite a chase, the car had disappeared and although we spent 2 days and 2 nights looking, we could not find it. (Incidently, about halfway through the second night I discovered that I could sleep standing up without any problem!)
Subsequent to this RMP NCO's were drawn from all over BAOR, paired up and sent to Wolfsburg where each pair were given a new Volkswagen.
The Soviet Military Mission HQ was situated in Bad Salzuflen, their house occupied a position in the fork where 2 roads met, near to the town centre.
2 RMP vehicles were on duty, 24 hours a day, and one car followed every Soviet vehicle which left their compound. The Soviets played cat and mouse with the RMP and would normally head straight to the zone border where they waved goodbye to their escort.
This went on for some months, and I only knew about it because one of my friends from 2 Div Provost Company RMP in Dusseldorf was recruited into the scheme.
C T Shuter