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St Barbara Barracks, Adelhiede
Originally a Luftwaffe airfield, Adelheide was initially used as a DP Camp and then as an Internment Camp after hostilities ceased.
St Barbara Barracks opened in 1951, housing Artillery units as listed below. Part of the Barracks was handed over the the new Bundeswehr in 1956 and renamed  Boelke Kaserne. 12 Regiment R.A. moved out, en-route to Malaya, in 1963, and the whole area was then handed over to the Bundeswehr
Home to:-
5 Army Group Royal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Workshop
74 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment - Jan 1952-Jun 1955 (1)(2)
35  Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment - Jun 1958-Apr 1958 (1)(3)
12 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment - Jan 1959-1963 (4)
Handed back to Bundeswehr 1963
(1) Under the command of  5 Army Group Royal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft)
(2) From Maple Leaf Bks, Aurich in Jan '52 consisting of 229, 230 & 231 Btys. 230 & 231 Btys replaced by 158 & 161 Btys in Apr '55 and the Regt moved out en-route to Hong Kong in Jun '55.
(3) From Crerar Bks, Oldenburg in Jun '55 with 90, 92 & 99 Btys. Regt disbanded in Apr '58
(4) From Churchill Bks Lippstadt with 'R', 'S' & 'T' Btys. 'R' & 'S' btys replaced by 9 & 34 Btys 01 Jan '59 and 34 Bty placed in suspended animation in Nov '60. Moved out en-route to Malaya in '63. Exact date of moving from Lippstadt is open to debate at the moment.
"I served in St Barbara Barracks Adelheide, Delmenhorst from 1960 to 1963 when the Regiment (12 Light Air Defence Regt RA) moved to Barton Stacey to re equip proir to a far east posting. At that time the Regiment had two gun battery's 9 and T btys, an RHQ bty and an attached REME workshop. We were equipped with 40/70 Bofers anti aircraft guns and used to exercise at Hohne ranges and Soltau. we did practice firing camps at Todendorf near Plon on the Baltic coast. This period was when the National Service was being run down."