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11 Hussars 1952-?
226 Signal Squadron 
14 Sig Regt (EW)
It was an outdet used by 14 Sig Regt (EW), used for ELINT work back in the good old days of the cold war! The buildings were obviously railway ones - the tracks could still be seen alongside, and the post was located within a Bundeswehr barracks (I remember the conscripts saluting us whenever we went in). Rumour had it that it was a stop off on the way to Bergen/Belsen, and I can certainly attest to strange goings on when I was there - lots of rumours of it being haunted etc - enough to get me wandering around with my SLR thinking there was an intruder!
Wesendorf was an airfield used by the Luftwaffe and then by the USAF. In the early 60's 226 Signal Squadron was located in one corner an old building with a concrete ramp and railway lines heading East. 226 Signal Squadron then became 14 Signal Regiment.