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Uelzen is situated in Lower Saxony approximately 57 km north-east of Celle and 41km south of Lüneberg and, until April 1945, was the site of a Concentration Camp, a sub-camp of Neuengamme.
The town was in the line of advance from Celle to Lüneberg, being taken and occupied on about the 17th/18th April 1945 by elements of 227 (Highland) Brigade. Research has shown that one of these elements was the 4th (Tank) Bn Coldstream Guards who moved in from Celle before moving on to Lüneberg. The 1st Bn Middlesex Regiment is also thought to have been there at about the same time, before advancing to Lüneberg.
Whether any units stayed in the town, remaining there after the end of the war is not yet clear. Any information will be very welcome and much appreciated.
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