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Types and Roles of Units
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Base Ordnance Depot (BOD)

Antwerp 15 BOD (rear)
Veirsen 15 BOD
Dulmen 15 BOD (fwd)
Bielefeld 15 BOD (adv)

Ordnance Field Park provided first line support to the old brigades ie, 7 - Armd Brigade. All Ordnance required quickly at the outbreak of war was held/mounted on 4 ton and 10 ton vehicles.
the items ranged from nuts and bolts, hand tools to palletised tank track, vehicle batteries, tyres ,MT stores for A and B vehicle for the first 10 days or so when Ivan arrived. What some people didn't know was that that Ivan was going to move at the rate of knots and as rear area feba we had about 37 min to kiss our bums good bye.
Fuel and ammo was held by 1 Combat Support Bn
The OFP's were disbanded with 11 OFP became 1 Armd Div Ord Coy (1 ADOC) in the late 70's.
All were changed again to Ordnance Companies with 33 Ord Coy becoming one of them.
In the 70's my war reserve ammo was 2500 x 0.9mm rounds, 2500 x 7.62mm rounds, 1.5 hand grenades, 2.39 of 66mm and 3 x1" Very flare.
Lastly, I could exchange 1 pair of boots and 3 pair of socks per 100 men we had 123 men , this of course was the good old Labour Party. Seems like things never change.
Jack Frost
Intelligence Corps
Headquarters Intelligence and Security Group (Germany) was located in Rheindahlen and comprised the following units:

2 Intelligence Company - Rheindahlen
3 Intelligence and Security Company - Berlin
4 Security Company - Dusseldorf (with Sections/Detachments in Emblem, Dusseldorf, Muenster, Dortmund and Rheindahlen)
5 Security Company -Plathnerstrasse, Hannover
6 Intelligence Company - Rheindahlen
7 Intelligence Company - Bielelfeld (with Sections/Detachments in Verden, Hohne, Soltau, Lubbecke, Korbecke, Soest, Paderborn, Osnabruck, Münster, Herford).


Headquarters 5 Security Company - Plathnerstrasse, Hannover
51 Security Section - Trenchard Barracks, Celle
52 Security Section - Woolwich Barracks annexe, Osnabruck
53 Security Section - "The Strip" Sennelager
54 Security Section - Rochdale Barracks, Bielefeld