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Troop Transport Ships
5556 tons, 22 knots, 1140 passengers, Harwich-Hook of Holland troopship
Courtesy of 22794010 Sgt. Cooper C.E.

SS Empire Parkeston

Courtesy of Larry (G)

"In addition to the two in the photos, SS Vienna and SS Empire Parkeston, there was also SS Empire Wansbeck. There may have been others which I am not aware of.
There was a daily sailing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland during the night and also the reverse direction.
We all entrained at Liverpool Street station in London and on arrival at Harwich were given a meal and then herded onto the ship. We were given the order to get into the three tier bunks once the ship sailed although there was a NAAFI on board which could be accessed before sailing. We were given a blanket and pillow. With about a thousand troops on board conditions were very cramped and if it was a rough sea the toilets could not cope with the seasick amongst us. The journey took 4 to 5 hours normally but when I first sailed on 9th March 1955 the sea was so rough that it took 7 hours and the noise of the waves crashing against the ship was scary. I was one of the many hundreds of seasick squaddies on that trip. It was my first experience of the sea and I vowed never to go on leave from Germany. On this occasion the washbasins were blocked and so it was not possible to have a decent wash on arrival in Holland.
At the Hook we were given a wholesome breakfast and then put on the trains for Germany. There were at least three trains which were identified by a colour which denoted the destination of the train. I am sure that there was a blue train and probably red and green. A special train ran to Berlin which when it arrived at Helmstedt on the border with the Russian Zone, was required to pull down the blinds in the carriages, supervised by Soviet personnel who had boarded the train".
22794010 Sgt. Cooper C.E.
4226Tons, 21 knots,1040 passengers. Harwich-Hook of Holland troopship.
Courtesy of 22794010 Sgt. Cooper C.E.

SS Empire Wansbeck

Courtesy of Larry (G)