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  Vancouver Barracks
Formerly known as Caspari Kaserne
Home to:
5 Army Group Royal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Workshop REME
77 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (1)
30  Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (1)
(1) Under the command of  5 Army Group Royal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft)
"My father was stationed here from 1954 to 1957 with 30 HAA Regt RA, equipped with 3.7" HAA Guns. The last time I was in Delmenhorst (about 1965), the Barracks had been returned to the Germans and was used by the Luftwaffe as a training centre for the Flak and FlaRak units. I seem to remember pieces of hardware, like a Nike-Hercules, Ju87 etc being place on the grass areas near the fence, and as gate guards."
I served in 209 bty 77th HAA Regt. R.A. February 1953 /October 1954 as the driver of Battery Volkswagen.
Have just been reunited with Lt. Bob Lavender. My wife and I visited him on the 27th November where we stayed until Saturday 29th. Sadly, Bob's Wife died last June.
Would like news about, Peter Hartland, Peter Harrison, Mike Steel, Bob Taylor.
Bryan Everatt.
Photographs courtesy of 23114203 ex-Gnr Morrison A.I. 77 HAA Regt RA
I was called up to do my 2 years National Service in Feb 1955. I reported to 68th Training Reg, R.A, Oswestry. After basic training there, I went to 31st Training Reg, Kinmel Camp, Rhyl, N Wales where I learnt to drive. I was then posted to Delmenhorst, W Germany with 77 H.A.A. Reg, R.A. I was with E troop, 41 Battery. It would be great to hear from anyone who served with me in these locations.
23114203 Gunner Morrison AI.