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Royal Marines
The Royal Marines have been in existance for nearly 350 years, although they were part of the Army and were Naval Infantry raised as part of the fighting forces for the Second Anglo-Dutch War. It was 1755 before they were known by a title resembling today, and under the control of the Royal Navy. Their history is long and proud, and would take too long to go into on this page. It is left to the visitors to find for themselves the history of the Royal Marines.
Although the Royal Marines have had little in connection with BAOR as regards to tours of duty, needless to say that they were present in the conflict in Europe, and for a short time afterwards. They were used for a number of tasks, and it is certain that there are those who will be able to add to the few details here, and correct them as required.
Below is a short list of locations where Royal Marines were known to be present in BAOR. Additions and corrections are most welcome. At the location, scroll down the page to find the Royal Marine formation.