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 Reinsehlen (SLTA)
I well remember Reinsalen. It was night fighter base in WW 2 for the Luftwaffe so we were told. I remember it was a main unloading site for tanks. There were 2 PMQ's one for the Camp CO, a WO 1 and another one for some one else. It consisted of groups of shower points/toilets and kitchen Quonset huts, where units would set up under canvas. We would have to man the camp switch board which still had eagle/swatiska markings. Sheep would roam the area. It was about 80 Km's from Hamburg. I was RC (Royal Canadian) Sigs attached to 1 SSM Bty RCA, ( Honest John Rockets) 4 CIBG. 64-68 The road ways in the camp were lined with practise cement bombs used as guard posts. The Germans flew gliders and radio controlled planes out of it. One time one of the Radio Operators got control of one and flew it into a water tower.
I remember when we arrived in Reinsalen that time (Autumn 1968), that we saw where the Field Ambulance were set up but couldn't figure out why a lot of personel were in white headress and olive drabe combats, until we got closer and realized that many of the medics were Royal Canadian Navy types. This was just after unification of the Canadian Armed Forces. .
Above and below, one of the Quonset huts used for kitchens and a mess tent. On the back of the picture reads; Two sergeants of 1 SSM doing Gd's in the kitchen on sports day. Reinsehlen, Germany, Spring of 1965.  
Courtesy of  Hardrations
Courtesy of Hardrations
The unit is 1SSM Bty RCA and most of the personel you see are in the RC Sigs Sec.
Courtesy of Hardrations
Here can be seen; Cfn Davy , Hargreaves and Raven, belonging to 3rd Armd Wksps in Kuensebeck near Bielefeld. The workshop provided support to 11th Armoured Division as can be seen by the bull on the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle appears to be a Fordson `Z` Lorry,  which was the  predecessor to the newer Bedford type. Rheinsehlen 1955.
Courtesy of 22794010 Sgt. Cooper C.E.