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RAF Wegberg
RAF Wegberg is a hospital located in Wegberg, near the city of Mönchengladbach, in Germany. Opened in 1953 to provide specialist medical facilities for RAF personnel and their dependents in the Lower Rhineland, certain wings of the hospital burned down in 1996. This hospital became the medical focus for all British personnel in the area following the closure of BMH Hostert in the1960's. 
The hospital doesn't cover as much, medically, as it once did with birth and pregnancy no longer treated. Today the only in-patients unit is a small Mental Health Unit, all other patients within the British Forces Germany community requiring in-patient treatment are now treated in local German Hospitals. The Headquarters of the British Forces Germany Health Services (BFGHS) is based in the Hospital, and is a partnership arrangement between the Ministry of Defence (MOD); the Soldiers, Sailors and Air Force Families Association (SSAFA); and Guys and St Thomas's Hospital, London, to provide primary care services, community and outpatient services to the British Forces community throughout Germany. To read further please click here.
A Commemorative Philatelic Cover was issued to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Hospital, dated 31st May 1978.



Photograph courtesy of "Teabag"


This was an aerial view and was orginally a postcard.  We got it in 1973 when my first daughter was born there. My wife has cleaned it up very well.  It was creased and badly battered but came out pretty good.