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RAF Scharfoldendorf
646 SU RAF circa 1958
225 Sig Sqn
226 Sig Sqn (1)
(1) 226 Signal Squadron formed in 1959 from 30 Wireless Squadron at RAF Scharfoldendorf.
Major RAF Communications Centre situated 20km SE of Hameln. The camp consisted of a small chateau and was home predominantly to a RAF signals unit (Y Unit), with 226 Signal Squadron also being based here until the move to Wesendorf. This location was set high on a hill with panoramic views from the dining room. The RAF catering and food was said to be of an excellent quality.
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Our Schloss at Scharfoldendorf
Schloss at Scharfoldendorf. Shows a wide-band dipole aerial mounted on the tower of the schloss. We put it up
to monitor some telemetry. There are some other aerials around the tower which aren't resolved on this snap.
The Schloss taken from the lane into Escherhausen
A similar view to the photograph above this one, it shows the commanding position the Schloss held.
The one above this one was possibly taken from around the bend in the lane.
The Schloss from my triple glazed window.
The NAAFI at Scharfoldendorf
The schloss and NAAFI, and barrack blocks are clearly visible on the modern satellite image from Google Maps. To the best of my memory, the only listening posts we had were those I've listed. The main ones were Scharfoldendorf, Putlos and Gatow. That at Gifhorn was hardly mentioned, and I only listed it as I was taken there once on our return journey from Putlos. The USA were also into listening to the other side, and their area I think was to the south of where we were, (Ingolstadt being mentioned) and their techniques, being better funded, were more regimented than ours. I never heard of us doing a co-operative listen with them, but it may well have happened. Certainly after the signals had been recorded and analysed, there were exchanges of intelligence between ourselves and the US forces.
Photographs and text courtesy of Malcolm Stewart, ex-646 Signals Unit RAF.
A short write-up of 646 Signals Unit, courtesy of Malcolm Stewart can be found here.