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Queen's Silver Jubilee Parade
Sennelager 7th July 1977
B.A.O.R. celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in various parades and functions throughout 1977.
A major parade was held in Sennelager on the 7th July 1977, and the images below were supplied, kind courtesy of Graham Wright.
Below are images of pages from the Spectator Guide.
Spectator Guide - Front Cover
Map of the Parade Area
Parade Timings
Shown below are pages from the "Sixth Sense", 14th July 1977. As noted elsewhere this started as a small circulation newsletter/paper, eventually becoming available over the whole of B.A.O.R.
Front Page of Sixth Sense - 14th July 1977
Three images of the Presentation Mug of the time.