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Plaques - Plates - FDC's
Unit - Regiment - Company - Platoon 
We all know that plaques, plates, tankards, patches, and unit miscellanea abound in the Services. Some have been around since time began, others have long since faded into obscurity with the demise of units in all of the Services. Although it says above "Unit - Regiment - Company - Platoon", RAF Squadrons or Flights, and Royal Navy ships are equally entitiled to be presented.
This page hopes to record some of those plaques, plates, tankards, patches, and unit miscellanea, both past and present. It is not just plaques; commemorative plates and First Day/Commemorative Covers connected to BAOR are also most welcome.
They are recorded as they are uploaded, found or sent and not in Order of Seniority. Each item will have a link to its own page to make them easier to find. On each page will be headings as to the plaque, plate, or First Day/Commemorative Cover  As and when possible (and details are found) a little about its make up will be recorded with it.
All those recorded will be credited to the contributor.