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 Monchengladbach Various
"The INT building at 52 Gneisenau Str in Monchengladbach. It was two villas joined together with the office accommodation in the building pictured and the living accommodation in the building to the right. The INT CORPS left there in 1964 and it subsequently became a hostel for NAAFI employees and then a Teacher's Mess".
Courtesy of PJ
The following was sent to me and is with regards to a gentleman named JP who was stationed in Monchengladbach with the Int. Corps:
"He was stationed at HQ INT CORPS in 1946 when it consisted of six INT CORPS together with Russian, Dutch and German prersonnel. At the time they were the only army unit in the town. The HQ was a doctor's house on the East side of Viersenerstrasse next to the allotment and opposite the tram stop.(Note by me (PJ): this looks to be different to Gneisenaustrasse whch was off Viersenerstrasse but may need looking into further). The Kriminal Polizei were housed on the ground floor which tended to keep undesirable elements away and allowed our informants to enter the building unabashed".
Courtesy of PJ