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Manchester Barracks 
Home to:
1st Battalion Manchester Regiment (1)
1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles 1955-1956 (2)
(1) Commanded by Lieut Colonel Charles Archdale. Arrived in July 1948. Went on to Wavell Barracks, Berlin - April 1950.
(2) The exact barracks is yet to be confirmed, however it is known that 1 RUR were under 2 Div at the time.
1st Manchesters were stationed at Dunham Park, Altrincham in the early summer of 1948 and moved back to Germany on 1st July. Stationed in Manchester Barracks, Wuppertal - a fine pre-war German Army barracks.
To Berlin and Wavell Barracks in April 1950, to Malaya in 1951 - 1954. Back to Berlin in 1955 and then to Minden in 1956, returning to the UK in 1957 prior to amalgamation with the Liverpool Regiment in 1958. I cannot remember the name of the barracks in Minden.
Robert Bonner