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Lübeck is one of the largest ports on the Baltic and, along with Travemunde, was of importance both during and after World War 2. The old part of Lubeck is an island in the Middle of the River Trave and was subject of one of the first major air attacks of the war.
Home to:
4th Hussars 1947
3rd Hussars 1948-49 (1)
131 (City of Glasgow) Field Regiment RA Dec 1945- Jan 1946 (2)
4/6 Battalion Parachute Regiment 1948/9 (3)
2 Medium Workshop REME 1945-1949 (4)
(1) Arrived from Rendsburg, departed to Münster.
(2) Arrived from Ratzeburg (23 kms to the south). Regiment disbanded January 1946. For further information click here.
(3) Battalion arrived from Palestine Spring 1948, retitled 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment July 1948, departed for the UK Autumn 1949.
(4) Located in the former Dornier Aircraft Works.
The postcard above shows the Pioneer Kaserne. Whether we used this camp in particular is open to debate.
A Naval Unit, HMS Royal Caroline, is believed to have been in the Lübeck area around 1945/1946 (see link above), as well as being in Travemunde, at the mouth of the River Trave. The River Trave would become part of the dividing line between East and West in later months.