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BAOR Leave Centres
Sylt (North Frisian Islands)
Scharbeutz (Baltic)
Travemunde (Baltic)
Bad Harzburg (Harz Mountains)
Bad Winterburg (Harz Mountains)
Hotel zur Post, Ehrwald (Austria)
 Ehrwald Lermoos (Austrian Tyrol)
Elizabeth and Hansebauer Hotel, Tegensee (Bavaria)
In the early years with restricted opportunities to travel back to the UK four Families Leave Centres (for use by all ranks) were opened up in Hotels in former civilian tourist resorts. They were Nordeney on one of the Friesian Islands off the North West Coast of Germany between the Ems and Weser Estuaries, Scharbeutz on the Baltic Coast to the north of Lubeck. Bad Harzburg and Winterberg (to the south of Lippstadt) were Health Spa resorts particularly popular in the Winter Skiing Season. All closed in the early 50s due to declining demand and increasing overheads.
Peter Watson