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68 (Air Despatch) Company RASC
130 (Motor Ambulance) Company RASC
Kettwig is a district in the south of the Essen area, SSE of Mulheim and SW of the main Essen urban area. Little is known of this area except that a contributor has stated that he was with 68 Company (Air Despatch) RASC,  stationed here about 1951 to 1953. If anyone has any other details of this area, they will be much appreciated. There is a link to the Air Despatch Association on the Links page, or click here to view the site. There are a number of pages to it, and they all make interesting reading, take a look at the Open Door page, scroll down and click on the Berlin Airlift tab to find mention of 68 Company.
Two photographs of Madchenheim (Home for Young Women) where 68 Company were billetted
Apparently built to house the many non-local girls who worked in Johann Wilhelm Scheidt Fabrik,
a textile factory in the town.
A trip to Hamburg - Gerry Wood is front right
Photographs courtesy of Gerry Woods ex-68 Company Air Despatch RASC
Another contributor has given information that he was also in Kettwig around 1955, but with a different unit. He has sent a number of photographs connected to Kettwig. One is the same as the first of Gerry Wood's photographs (of the Madchenheim), but the others add to what has already been posted.
Company photograph of 130 Company RASC - 1955
The rear of the Madchenheim
From 1954 to 1956 I was posted to 130 Coy (Motor Ambulance) RASC,  Kettwig (BAOR 4) on the banks of the Ruhr.  Before the WWII the camp was a girl's home. It was situated on Rinstraße with Bachstraße to its left. The rear it backed on to the railway and the River Ruhr. The CO was a Major Eastern, his  2i/c being Captain Wilson. In total we had about 50 Austin K4 ambulances in the MT park on the west side of Kettwig Barracks (also backing on the railway and Heiligenhauser Straße).

While at 130 Coy I was sent on attachment to 115 Coy (MT) RASC, Hook of Holland (BFPO 27) for a few weeks as a postman also sent to BMH Hostert again for a few weeks with Ambulance.  On my return I was transferred from A Platoon to HQ as Capt Wilson's driver and in my spare time I was duty driver every other day and ration truck driver three times a week to Ratingen Supply Depot (Düsseldorf).  I had two ration trucks which were Austin K5s; one for bread which was painted white inside and the other was for fats, tins and veg. I also had two coaches . The Deutz coach was roughly a 20 seater and used to take families shopping in Essen and children to school in Essen Kray. The other, about a 40 seater was used to take the lads to the YMCA at Essen and Düsseldorf.
My vehicles were; a Jeep for the Captain of Transport, 2, Austin K5s 5T and 2 Deutz buses.
On top of all that I was allocated as 'house guard' because the officer to which the house was assigned was single, thus residing on the Officers' Mess at Mulheim. The house
itself was very nice, having a maid and a boilerman. I was quite spoilt and was sorry to go back to camp
after 3 months.

23012599 Dvr Tom Monks
130 Company Vehicle Park - Kettwig
Garage area where I kept my Jeep and Bus
Our Troop - Nijmegen Marches 1955
Me and my Jeep on Battle Royal
Photographs courtesy of Tom Monks