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Built -
Original name - Gallwitz Kaserne??
Type -
History -
Renamed - Borgard Barracks??
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Headquarters 7th Armoured Division Summer 1945?
8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars 1945 (1)
Queen's Royal Hussars 1945-1946 (2)
7th Bn Parachute Regiment Feb 1938-Jul 1948 (3)
3rd Parachute Regiment Jul 1948-Oct 1949
27th Heavy Regiment RA (4)
3rd Infantry Battalion Norwegian Tyskland Brigade September 1948-Autumn 1949


Headquarters Den Danske Commando i Tyskland Autumn 1949-Autumn 1958
All Arms Battle Group (Infantry Heavy) Den Danske Commando Autumn 1949- Autumn 1958
Logistic units Den Danske Commando Autumn1949- Autumn 1958

(1) Departing for Stadium Barracks, Berlin, after the partition was agreed.
(2) The regiment stayed in Itzehoe in Germany for a year, then moved to the Dutch border to help with internal security.
(3) Re-titled 3rd Parachute Regoment - July 1948
(4) There is uncertainty about this unit at present. As is known, the Royal Artillery re-numbered all of its Regiments in 1947, and 1 Heavy Regiment was apparently re-titled as 27 Heavy Regiment. But, the Regimental History page of 27 Regiment tells a slightly different story. See here for the details. Plus, I cannot seem to find confirmation that 27 Heavy Regiment were actually in Itzehoe at any time!