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  British Army Of the Rhine

Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the website dedicated to the British Army of the Rhine, its locations, and those areas whilst not strictly within BAOR, that were vital to the operation of the theatre


The Site is now approaching three years of age and much has happened in that time. After what had been initially a one man attempt to discover more about the British Army of the Rhine, to which he had never served under, there is now a full team in place determined towards preventing this precious history drifting into obscurity.
Unfortunately, some of us have had absences forced upon us but there have been those who have given their best to keep things going, and they are to be thanked for that, it is much appreciated. Hopefully the site will come back to the purpose it was formed for - to record the history of BAOR in all its disguises.
Although the Cold War did not evolve into a hot war, many soldiers went on to dedicate the best part of their adult lives ensuring that the Russian hordes would not come tearing across the German Inner Border. Whilst doing so many of these soldiers made good friends, established relationships and had their offspring grow up in a foreign land. Some after many years decided that Germany had become their home and happily settled. 
Because of this we have a team of people from as far as New Zealand to Northern Ireland and from lieutenant colonel to trooper working behind the scenes to ensure nothing is lost. These people are searching libraries, contacting other organisations and associations, writing to friends and then compiling it together to form what is extremely concise and accurate documentation of our time in Germany. From what was a very broad, yet pictorial website we now even have contributions from German civilians who grew up in garrison towns, adding great depth in places. A good example of this would be Jürgen Balke's Rhine Army Summer Show. The site is being edited by numerous personalities with us even having a team member dedicated solely to Google Earth plots. Branches are being spread out to other sites. We are working together in our own specific fields to make a web of all this information without duplication, yet striving to ensure that all levels are satisfied from those pursuing history, to those looking at reminiscing, whether colonel or corporal.
With all this going on, it does not mean that there is not room for improvement. We still ask for contributions no matter how small. What was quite large amounts of information and advice arriving by email that was being used to complete the jig-saw has dwindled, due to the problems mentioned earlier.  As stated previously, the site is for the benefit of those who it serves and to those that follow its progress, so that information needs to start flowing again. Take a look at the "General" page of the Forum, you will find who to send that information to. No matter how small you may think it is, that piece of information could spark a memory somewhere, or fit into what we already have. What we do need is photographs - we are lacking photographs of Barracks long gone (and a few not so long gone.
We need to know where we are lacking and which direction we need to be heading in. You can determine this should you be willing to push the subject matter in this direction. We are also looking for further long term, substantial contributors and for those with the time to edit the site or moderate the forum.
So, may I have the great pleasure in thanking everyone involved for what has been a continuous and demanding labour of love. I also need to thank my wife for being so patient and understanding with me over the last few years. She has contributed by translating, to which she has a natural talent. All these efforts have been thanked by those viewing the site, which can be seen in its exponential growth. We will march forward with our achievements becoming greater by the day.
And as a final word. The site, and the Forum, are not solely for the ex-services community. As can be seen by looking at some of the personal profiles on the Forum, there are those whose father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, etc. served in BAOR. Also for those who were possibly Civilian Staff. All are welcome to wander through the pages to see where family and friends may have been stationed at one time or another. You too can add to the histrory, with those memories of stories told (even tall ones have their place), or photographs left in the back of a cupboard by some relative. Let us have them please.

If you can't find it - tell us, if you know something - tell us. As was written earlier we are constantly searching for information, and adding or updating pages.

"Nos persevero per nostrum laboris"

The BAOR Locations team - 5 October 2009