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Hinterstein is a small village in Bavaria about 5km (3 miles) SSE of the town of Bad Hinderslang, and very close to The Austrian border. The village is at a height of about 880m (about 2900ft) above sea level. On Google Earth it can be found at 47o 28' 49.24" North 10o 24' 24.21" East. The Civic Arms shown above are Bad Hinderslang, as the village have none of their own.
Although not in the B.A.O.R. area, Hinterstein played host to the R.C.T. Winter Training Centre. The photographs below date from the late 1960's, and there is no indication of when it possibly closed.
I went 1968 and 1969 late November to build the annexes before the lads came early December for the sking. The only name i remember from the time is L/Cpl Les Caton. We travelled down from Bunde in convoy and one of the 10 tonners got detached from the convoy. When we went back to find him he was at the side of the autobahn and said he had run out of diesel, we all started laughing as his load was.......... jerry cans full of diesel.
Day of Arrival
The day we arrived there was no snow, and the area looked as above. As it was getting late we had a few beers and got our heads down.
The next morning
In the morning we woke up to the scene above.  We then had to get the equipment up the side of the mountain. I tried to drive my 3 tonner up there, getting stuck not to far from the top, and then we had to carry everything up there. Hard work but a good laugh.


Well stuck, but once unloaded no problems sliding back down


A long, hard, slog up the hill


Building the annexes - that sheet metal was cold in the morning


Photographs and text courtesy of Paul Brown