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Blücher Kaserne
After WW2 the camp was named Camp Roosevelt the Americans and handed over to BAOR and renamed No 7 Civil Internment Camp command 147th Infantry Brigade of 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division until disbandment Oct 46
Aug 45 606th (5 Battalion Lincolnshire) Regiment RA (TA) disbanded Feb 46
Feb 46 – 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment to Schloss Neuhaus Apr 46
Apr 46 – 9th Durham Light Infantry from 56th Infantry Brigade disbanded Oct 46
Oct 46 – 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division replaced by the 2nd Belgian Infantry Division   
The Belgium Army renamed to Casernes Ardennes and used by them until 1955 handing over to the German Bundeswehr originally named after its location on Jüberg hill receiving the name Blücher-Kaserne in 1964
The barracks closed 23rd January 2007
Barracks in Hemer-Delinghofen