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Helicopters and Aircraft
Ever since their inception, air forces of all nations have worked in support of ground forces at some time or another. This support has taken the forms of transport of troops and equipment, medical, reconnaiscance, defence, and attack.
Like many other nations, Britain eventually developed its own "Air Arm" within the Army - The Army Air Corps. The history of the Corps is recorded elsewhere, the purpose of this page being purely to show the aircraft that have been, and are being used, by the Army - both rotary and fixed wing.
Westland Scout
Photographs courtesy of Alan Hutchins
Used by both the Army Air Corps and the Royal Marines, the Scout was a descendant of the Saunders-Roe Skeeter (Westland took over Saunders -Roe). First in service in 1963, they were used until about 1994. A "sister" variant, the Wasp, was used by the Royal Navy.
As a transport, it had a total of 5 seats, and when adapted to the Medical role could carry two stretchers. As a light attack helicopter, it could be fitted with 2 GPMG's and 4 Guided Missiles.
Westland Sioux
Photographs courtesy of Alan Hutchins
The Bell 47G-3B-1 first flew in the late 1940's, and is well known to the fans of the American TV series M.A.S.H. It  made its first appearance with British Forces in 1965. The first 50 were supplied by Agusta of Italy, with the remainder being built under licence by Westland.
Aerospatiale Gazelle
Photographs courtesy of Alan Hutchins
Originally developed for the French forces, an agreement between Aerospatiale and Westland led to the Gazelle being built under licence by Westland. Primarily a trainer and observation aircraft, it can be fitted with machine guns and rockets.
It was the first helicopter to use an enclosed design of tail rotor, and how many of us can remember its distinctive sound as it flew over?
Fixed Wing Aircraft
De Havilland Beaver
Photographs courtesy of Alan Hutchins
The Beaver was developed by De Havilland in Canada, and took its first flight in August 1947. At the close of production 1657 had been manufactured and the type had seen service with 35 nations and states.
Does anyone have details of this aircraft, numbers used, squadrons, locations in BAOR, etc?