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Harding Barracks
Home to:
  2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers 1946 (1)
1st Battalion The Suffolk Regiment 1954-1956 (2)
3rd Battalion The Royal Green Jackets 1958-1962
1st Battalion The King's Own Royal Border Regiment 1962-1964 (3)
1st Bn Grenadier Guards 1964-1966 (4)
2nd Bn Grenadier Guards 1966-1968 (5)
Closed March 1968 
(1) Arriving in August 1946 as part of 160 Brigade, 53 Welsh Division. Departing on 30 November 1946 Woodfarm Camp, Malvern, Worcestershire.
(2) 1st Battalion's move from Trieste to Wuppertal completed in 1954.  In 1956 the Battalion went to Cyprus to combat EOKA terrorists and deal with riots under very different conditions to Malaya.
(3) It is also stated that this regiment was actually in Keighley Barracks from April 1962 - March1963.
(4) Left Cyprus in 1964 for Wuppertal Germany, and returned to the UK in 1966.
(5) Departing for Buller Barracks, Münster in March 1968. The barracks were then handed over to the Germans.