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Gort Barracks
Built - 1937 to 1938
First occupied by German troops - 1938
Original name - Flak Kaserne
The first German troops to occupy the Barracks in 1938 was FlakRgt 64. In 1945 the German Army left the Barracks shortly before the American 94th Infantry division arrived in the area. The Americans used the Barracks first as a staging area, later stationing troops on a permanant basis. This only lasted for a short period, British troops arriving in the area in 1945 renaming the camp Gort Barracks after Field Marshal John Standish Surtees Prendergast Vereker, 6th Viscount Gort VC GCB CBE DSO and two Bars MVO MC (commonly known as Lord Gort).
Home to:
Units of 160th Infantry Brigade of 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division Jun 45 to Apr 47
Units of 4th Infantry later Guards Brigade Group of 2nd Infantry Division Apr 47 to Mar 64
2nd Battalion Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) Oct 52 to Jun 53 (1)
1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment Feb 54 to Feb 55 
1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Feb 55 to Jan 58 to UK
1st Battalion Coldstream Guards Jan 58 to Nov 58 to UK (2)
1st Battalion Scots Guards Nov 58 to Dec 60
1st Battalion Welsh Guards Dec 60 to Nov 63 to UK
1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Nov 63 to May 64 (3)
Along with Llanelly Barracks Gort Barracks was handed back to the German authorities in 1967
Both areas were renamed Bergische Kaserne and used by the Bundeswehr until 2008
(1) Dates supplied by the Archivist of The Black Watch. Moved to Moore Barracks Dortmund command 5th Infantry Brigade Group in June/July 1953
(2) Arrived from Bradbury Barracks Krefeld 
(3) Moved to Keightley Barracks Wüppertal
It is not certain at this time if the four photographs below are on the correct page. They may be moved to the Llanelly Barracks page should that be the correct place for them.
Photograph 1 - Bergische Kaserne
Photograph 2 - Bergische Kaserne
Photograph 3 - Bergische Kaserne
Photograph 4 - Bergische Kaserne
Above four photographs courtesy of Ernst J. von der Schmitt