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Google Earth
Due to the hard work and tenacity that has been carried out by one of the team, the BAOR has now been plotted onto Google Earth. For those of you that have not had the privilege to use this program, Google Earth is a free, standalone program which requires the user to be connected to the internet. To download the program, please click on the link below. Our advice is that the boxes are unticked, followed by clicking the Agree and Down Load button.

Google Earth download

Once the above has been completed the options available are Austria, Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands. To access the mapping please click on one of the locations below and then click open:

  Belgium             Germany            Netherlands             Austria

On the opening of the application, the barracks will be displayed under flags. Should this fail to be the case, go to Places which is on the left and click in temporary places box. This will add a tick to the box and display the flags.
Anyone with any corrections, additions or new contributions are requested to get in touch by clicking here. Should this fail, please cut and paste the following into your email address bar;
Note - working barracks will not be shown for security reasons. If anyone should see anything that may be classed as a security risk on this site, please get in touch.