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94 (Locating) Regiment
Freedom Of Celle
94 (Locating) Regiment had a long history of involvement in B.A.O.R., through their forebears and in their final guise. The greater part of their BAOR service was spent in Celle, 28 years in all. This is not the place to record their history, that has been carried out well enough in other places. Take a look at the link on the links page for more detail.
Rather, this page is to record memories of their farewell to the town of Celle, and of the Parade in which the Regiment was given the Freedom of Celle, an honour that has been bestowed on only a few Regiments who served anywhere in B.A.O.R.
At this time I only have the two photographs connected to the parade, these are shown below. We would be grateful for any other photographs, details, and memories of that day for this page.
Above is a picture of the Farewell to Celle Parade on the Stechbahn looking North. The photograph shows 73 (Sphinx) Loc Bty RA passing the saluting base with me in command.
Courtesy of MG Felton, Lt Col late RA
Officer's Mess, 94 (Locating) Regiment on the occasion of the Farewell to Celle Parade
Courtesy of MG Felton, Lt Col late RA