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Fort Victoria
Not known to date 1953-1955
4th Field Squadron, RCE (Royal Canadian Engineers) 1956-1970
Maple Leaf Services (MLS) 1953-1970
Transferred to British hands in 1970 and subsequent renamed Vittoria Barracks. 
The following pictures are courtesy of Canadian Ruhr Memories.
Guard Room
Vittoria Barracks was taken over by BAOR from the Canadians and the Royal Military Police moved in. My late husband was stationed there from August 1981 until January 1985. He was a SSgt and was CQMS his stores were the church. He had me scrubbing and cleaning the place out after it was deconsecrated. The unit started off as 115 Pro Coy but became 113. Also at one time RMP from over Germany went there to be trained in Close Protection procedures. Whilst we were there The Black Watch were in the adjoing Barracks. There was a good rapport with the regiment after a while and good friends were made. 
Mrs Jeanette B Major
The chapel as it is today (2005).