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Fort Prince of Wales
2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) 1953-1955
4th Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) 1955-1957
1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) 1957-1960
3rd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) 1960-1963
1st Surface to Surface Missile Battery 1962-1968
2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) 1964-1967
1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) 1967-1970

The Army Kinema Corporation, Globe Theatre (AKC) late 1950s-1970
Maple Leaf Services (MLS) late 1950s-1970
After being constructed in the early Fifties, Fort Prince of Wales would prove home to many Canadian soldiers up until it was transferred to British hands in 1970. The barracks were then retitled Peninsula Barracks after the battle of Peninsula.
3 RTR were the last regiment to be accommodated here, the camp being handed back to the Stadt late in 1992.
The following pictures are courtesy of Canadian Ruhr Memories.
The Church in 2003.
Courtesy of Herr Manfred Schmitt

Fort McLeod, adjoining Fort Prince of Wales, Deilinghofen, the latter being off the picture to the left.
Protestant Church - 1960.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
Fort Prince of Wales, Deilinghofen. RC Church; Globe Theatre (cinema); and Ice Rink - 1960.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara.
 Fort Prince of Wales, Deilinghofen. End of Ice Rink; Boilerhouse; Main Gate of Fort Mcloed  - 1960.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara.
Who said us Brits were the only ones who know how to have fun?
Man gate into Fort Prince of Wales taken in 1964.
Courtesy of Hardrations
SSM Bty RCA MT Park. Shows the MT and a crane out in the MT Park practising with the crane arm.Starting at 1 o'clock WO's / Sgts Mess and Quarters. Bottom left corner at 7 o'clock. MT. / Garage / Svy Sec / RC Sigs Sec. Next 3 Buildings with white squares on the roofs are 69th USA Missile Det. Rounded roof building was a stores building.
Courtesy of Hardrations
Picture of Fort P of W's parade square starting at 12 o'clock. Pay office/Post Office/ Barber Shop. Various Bty HQ's. Barrack blocks (know as shacks by the men). Mess Hall. Jnr. Rnks & Bdr's Mess.Q.M. Stores.
Fort Prince of Wales always had a Regiment of Canadian Horse Artillery. From 62 to 70 it also had 1 SSM Bty RCA and the 69 USA Missile Det. ort McLeod always had a battalion of infantry. Either the PPCLI or QOR of C. There was an ice arena and theatre in Fort P of W's and a bowling alley in Fort McLeod.
There were 2 Canadian camps in Deilinghofen. Fort Prince of Wales known to the Germans as Kamp Eins ( Camp 1) ort McLeod as Kamp Zwei ( Camp 2 ).
All the camps for Canadians in Northern Germany were known as Forts ( Named after historical forts in Canada).
These camps were taken over by the British in 1970.
Image and information kind courtesy of Hardrations