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Hereford Barracks
Quantock Barracks
Flensburg is about 8 km/5 miles from the Danish border, and lies at the southernmost tip of the Flensburger Forde. The suburb of Murwick is about 3 miles to the north. Details of Units that may have been here are unconfirmed at present, so the list below covers the area rather than specific Barracks.
159 Infantry Brigade (including 4th Battalion King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment and 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment) May-June 1945 (Note 1)
3RTR Summer 1945-Summer 1947
33 Parachute Light Regiment RA (future 7RHA) February-September 1948
1st Infantry Battalion Tyskland Norwegian Brigade September 1948 –Spring 1951
Artillery Field Regiment Norwegian Tyskland Brigade September 1948- April 1953
Anti Tank Battery Norwegian Tyskland Brigade Spring 1951- April 1953

(Note 1) Operation Blackout, involving 158 Infantry Brigade, was carried out in late May 1945 to arrest the remnants of the last of the Nazi High Command, under Grand Admiral Doenitz, trapped in the suburbs of Flensburg. The Brigade included 1st Battalion The Herefordshire Regiment.

The exact allocation of individual units to Barracks has yet to be confirmed though it is believed the majority of units were based in Hereford Barracks in the centre of the town, subunits including the Norwegian Anti Tank Battery could have been based in Quantock Barracks in the suburb of Murwick.