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I was looking at the Delmenhorst page and there seems to be some confusion over the barracks located there. St Barbara's Bks were located at Adelheide, South of the town, but the former Casperi Kaserne was on the outskirts of the town (Deichhorst) and becam Vancouver Bks.
The following is my translation of info found here:
Post WW2 Casperi Kaserne was used as a displaced persons camp. 30 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regt RA arrived in February 1951 into the re-named 'Vancouver Bks'. On 23 February 1951, HQ 5 AGRA was temporarily located here. On 3 March 1951 77 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regt was also stationed here. Handed over to the Bundeswehr on 1 Feb 1958 and re-named Casperi Kaserne. Closed in 1992 and demolished in 2000.
Which means that 5 AGRA, 30 HAA & 77 HAA were actually in Vancouver Bks and not St Barbara's.
As far as I am aware gthe following RA Regts served at Adelheide:
35 LAA 15 Jun 55 (from Crerar Bkis, Oldenburg) - 1 Oct 1958 (to suspended animation)
12 LAA 15 Aug 58 (from Churchill Bks, Lippstadt - ?? 1963 (via Barton Stacey to Malaya)
Mike Matthews