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Connaught Barracks
Built in the late 1930s as a Basic Training Establishment for the Kriegsmarine. In the early 1940s became a U Boat Training School, in the later stages of the War became the main HQ of the German Navy under command of Grand Admiral Donitz (Hitler's deputy). Captured by 6 Guards Brigade in May 1945 and briefly became HMS Royal Alfred (a Royal Naval shore establishment). In May 1946 HQ Guards Division relocated there and site was renamed Connaught Barracks. In Spring 1948 the site was adapted for use as a Secondary Boarding School for the children of Forces Personnal and entitled Civilians stationed in BAOR/RAF(G). In May 1948 King Alfred School (KAS) Ploen officially opened with some 500, later 600 pupils this was the second of two boarding schools in BAOR, Prince Rupert School Wilhemshaven (PRS) had opened earlier in the Autumn 1947 with some 250 pupils. Windsor School Hamm, the third, was not to open till 1953. In July 1959 KAS officially closed but the site remained in use for a further term as Windsor Girls School whilst work in the former Newcastle Barracks Hamm was completed. The site was handed back to the German Bundesmarine and is still in use as their major Training Establishment (Marine Unteroffizier Schule (MUS)).
A link to the King Alfred School website is here