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(Formed from 1 (BR) Corps Ordnance Maintaince Park)
1 (BR) Corps Combat Supplies Battalion
(5 Ordnance Battalion)
At differant times companies were also responsable for a number of Forward Storage Sites (FSts) for Ammuntion & Packed POL
ASD Liebenau
ASD Wohle
FSts Hilderheim (1 (BR) Corps Fwd)
FSts Hessisch/Ordendorf  (1 (BR) Corps Fwd)
FSts Hagenhausen  (1 (BR) Corps Fwd)
FSts Hulsade ( 1 Armd Div)
FSts Berleck (3 Armd Div)
FSts Harderrode (4 Armd Div)
FSts Tappen (4 Armd Div)
On moblisation, Packed Rations held at RAOC Supply Depots Hohne & Hannover were moved  under 1 CSB control.
In November 1963 1 (BR) Corps Ordnance Maintaince Park (1 CMP) was formed at Bielefeld and consisted of
1 (BR) Corps Vehicle Company at  Scarborough Barricks Osnabruck 
1 (BR) Corps Stores Company at Richmund Barricks Bielefeld
1 (BR) Corps Ammunition Company at Depot 90 Sennalager 
Prior to July 1965 and the McLeod re-organisation  'Combat Supplies' and the running of the Corps 'Replenisment Points' was the responsibility of the Royal Army Service Corps, until 1965 when the Supply and Transport functions were split between the RAOC & RCT
On the 15th July 1965, 49 Company RASC also located at Bielefeld joined 1 (BR) CMP as a Petrolium Company, at the same time the 1 (BR) Corps Vehicle Company RAOC and 1 (BR) Stores Company were transfered out of 1 CMP as independent RAOC companies leaving 1 CMP to manage the Corps Ammuntion & POL 2nd line assists east of the Rhine. 
1 (BR) Ammunition Company at Depot 90, Sennalager was renamed as 44 (RP) Company RAOC 
49 Company RAOC was renamed 49 (RP) Company RAOC 
[at the same time the term 'Replenishment Point' was changed to 'Replenishment Park']
1 CMP also had 2 TA Companies re-roled to Combat Supplies being 42 Ord Company (V) based at  Heston plus 43 Ord Company (V)*, CVHQ Deepcut plus eliments of 46 (Regular Shadow) Company RAOC based at COD Bicester & CAD Kineton
[* later re-numbered to 45 (RP) Coy (V)  when 43 (RP) Coy was re-formed at Paderborn]
Formation of 1 (BR) Corps Combat Supply Battalion RAOC
By 1970 agreements were made in place to concentrate the unit around a new HQ based at Barker Barracks at Sennelarger, and plans for a third regular peacetime RP Company was in hand and with the change in role the title of Corps Maintenance Park was npo longer appropriate, So o 1 October 1970 the unit was re-bnamed 1 (BR) Corps Combat Supply Battalion RAOC (1 CSB)
The planning of a new Corps Ammunition Depot south of Paderborn was started in the mid 60's and construction started in June 1970 for a depot that was to become know as Pombsen near to the village of Nieheim that was to be run by a third regular RP Company. This company was 43 (RP) Company which was formed at Barker Barracks in 1972 and took over the running of ASD Pombsen in 1973 which made a considerable increase in the amount of ammuntion which 1 (BR) Corps held east of the Rhine.
A major re-structuring of RAOC Field Force units in BAOR was started in 1975 during the Defence Review in which 1 CSB escaped any changes since the unit had piecetime tasks in maintaining 1 (BR) Corps Ammunition & POL assists and already depended to a great extent  on reinforcement by Regular 'Shadow' Units from UK Depots as well as TAVR RP Companies in War Time.  
5 Ordnance Battalion RAOC
Between 1975 & 1982 The RAOC Field Force in BAOR had undergone considerable changes with OFP's being renamed 'Field Force Ordnance Companies' then again when orginised into numbered RAOC Battalions with corrisponding numbered companies.
In 1982 1 (BR) Corps Combat Supplies Battalion RAOC was renamed to 5 Ordnance Battalion RAOC
with the companies being renumbered as follows :
42 (RP) Company (V) to 55 Ordnance Company (V) located at Heston [CSA 2 with 52 Ord Coy]
43 (RP) Company to 52 Ordnance Company based at Pombsen and accommidated at Niehiem
521 Lance Platoon of 52 Ord Coy with MMA storage sites at  Pombsen & Sennelarger [supports 50 Missle Regiment RA]
44 (RP) Company to 53 Ordnance Company based at Sennelarger and accommidated at Paderborn
45 (RP) Company (V) to 54 Ordnance Company (V) located at CVHQ Deepcut [CSA 1 with 53 Ord Coy]
49 (RP) Company to 51 Ordnance Company based and acommidated at Obernkirsen 
511 to 516 Petrolium Platoons (V) of 51 Ord Coy located at CVHQ Deepcut  [Bulk Fuel Installations/EOP's]
[Options for Change & the Royal Logistic Corps]
62 Pet Sqn & 63 Ammo Sqn RLC of 6 Regt RLC
Mike Comerford