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Bad Lippspringe
Home to:
HQ 33rd Armoured Brigade 1951-1956 (1)
30 Field Ambulance RAMC 1952
(1) The Brigade disbanded in Germany on 22nd August 1945 and reformed at Paderborn in November 1950. It then relocated to Bad Lipprpinge during 1951. The Brigade was part of 11th Armoured Division which initially consisted of 5th Inniskilling Dragoons Guards (Paderborn); 1st Royal Tank Regiment (Detmold); and 1st Bn King’s Royal Rifle Corps. It later consisted of 9th Lancers (Detmold); 1st Royal Tank Regiment (Detmold); 8th Royal Tank Regiment (Paderborn)
and 1 Bn King’s Royal Rifle Corps. In 1956, it moved to Sennelager and on the 1st of April 1956, the Brigade was replaced by the 10th Infantry Brigade and went into suspended animation.
Bad Lippspringe (BFPO 16) had more than one British army one unit stationed there (one was possibly a tank or armoured unit?). My father was the RASC transport Officier at one of them, from 1952 to 1953. The unit was: 30 Field Ambulance RAMC Location was behind a large public forested park on Ceclellen Allee. Today this former site is now known as "Klink am Park". Within the town there was a NAAFI., this was within a British military compound. The closest Army Kinema Corporation (AKC) cinema, was the "Globe Cinema" Paderborn.
John O`Meara (ex AKC 1959-65)
All I can remember of the place is that in 1951/2 during my service in the Royal Signals attached to 1st R.T.R at Detmold, Bad Lippspringe was the Signals Brigade H.Q. Periodically we had to attend training courses there. We used to hate it because of the preparation involved. The Royal Signals used khaki green blanco on all our webbing, packs, straps, belts etc. but with the Tankies we had to use buff blanco, so every move involved a scrub down and a re blancoing of every piece of kit. Whilst with R.T.R. we wore their red lanyard on our left shoulder and the Signals blue lanyard on our right and I remember the RSM at Lippspringe having apoplexy when I forgot to remove the red lanyard before going there. The only other thing I recall is that there was an open air swimming pool within walking distance of the barracks at Lippspringe situated on the edge of a pine forest. It was very pleasant there.
I have very little information on Bad Lippspringe. If you can help, please get in touch.