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B Vehicles
Land Rover
There are many websites that deal with the history of Land Rover; there is no point in either repeating what is there, or trying to list them all. But, I will list the one of the most interesting. It can be found here and covers a lot of ground regarding Land Rovers used by the British Forces.
The British Army first investigated the use of Land Rovers in 1949, and initially they ran in conjunction with the Austin Champ. Within 5 years, improvements and modifications led to the end of the contract for the Champ - and a legend was born. For those of you with a mind to, try and think how many various models of the Land Rover there have been. Not just the size and shape, but the uses they were put to.
Below are some photographs from Tony Gaynor of a "Lightweight" he fully rebuilt. If anyone has photographs of other Land Rovers, they would be appreciated especially if they have a short description or are "Special to Role" models.
Lightweight (Airportable) Land Rover that I have re-built from scratch - I passed my driving test in one
of these in Verden (Aller) before going on to HGV training and driving MCVF "O" on exercise.


As can be seen in this image, I have more than one Lightweight. This one has been re-built from the ground up. Penmaenmawr and Welsh Granite Company ceased to exist in 1964 but work still continues 

under the ownership of Hanson (Aggregates) PLC.


Interior shot of the "Lightweight" - Basic and Utilitarian in- extremis.

Even after the addition of posh seats, chequer-plate, fly-screens to the air intake flaps

and additional switches for reversing and fog lights!


Photographs and text courtesy of Tony Gaynor


Staff Cars
A Nice Bit of Kit. The story goes that when 6 Div was reformed, Staff Cars were out and Staff Officers were to use Humber Boxes (4x4). Well Brigadier Timmis did just that, he had his Humber Super Snipe Staff Car BOXED in the UK and shipped to Munster .... no one said a word, after all he was Brigade Commander ..

Photograph Courtesy of Len Payne
Tank Transporters

The picture above shows a Diamond T tank transporter of 317 Tank Transporter Unit, being used to shift 1 RTR Centurions during an exercise - 1951.
                                                                                                                                       Courtesy of Mr P.A. Lockett


Chieftain MBT loading onto an Antar semi trailer.

Courtesy of R F Grevatte-Ball


Antar Mk3 with Cheiftain 1979

Courtesy of Richard Grevatte-Ball





A Fordson 'Z' Lorry with Cfn Nobby Skaith and Sgt Stocker in the foreground.  Pollhagen 1956
Courtesy of 22794010 Sgt. Cooper C.E




Bedford ?  Bad Oeynhausen - 1952.

Courtesy of Ted Nann 22630273