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BMH Wuppertal
Courtesy of Mr John Porter
B.M.H. Wuppertal, was formally "The Queen Elizabeth the Second", British Military Hospital, Wuppertal. This was as in 1953, when the hospital was returned to the german authorities, the City of Wuppertal. Quite possibly in 1948, it was called B.M.H. The Princess Elizabeth Hospital"?  Today it is known as the "Bethesda Krankenhaus", which is located on Hainstrasse Number 35, D-42109 Wuppertal, Germany. In reference to the picture. The left hand side of the hospital with its entrance, is what I presume to be the original B.M.H. While the right hand side is fairly modern.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara

 A modern day view of Bethseda Krankenhaus.