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BMH Rinteln
BMH Rinteln, was located on Waldkaterallee (Forest Hangover Allee) Number 13, Rinteln, D-31737. The former hospital is now a home for disabled people, and is run by "Lebenhilfe Rinteln e.V." as from 1998.

In about 1958 I was due to be posted to Aden but developed eczema on both hands. This was worse in hot weather and so it was thought that a Middle East posting might not be appropriate. I was sent to BMH Rinteln to be assessed by a consultant dermatologist who was a Lt. Colonel RAMC. He gave me two types of ointment, one for day use and the other for the night and recommended a stay of execution on the move to Aden.
In about 1959 4 Armd Wksps held a dance in its "Tyler" Club. This was in the attic of the barrack block which was the first on the right on the main road leading from the Guardroom in Hobart Barracks, Detmold. It was facing Tara's (RSM's) residence at the back with a rough parade square in between. We politely asked BMH Rinteln if any of their QARANC nurses might like to come over for the evening and were delighted when 4 or 5 accepted. We dispatched the welfare mini bus and these absolutely gorgeous ladies came and danced the night away thus turning what would have been the usual booze-up into a more civilised affair. There were a few girl friends attending but these nurses stole the show and were then transported back safely to Rinteln. I think we sent some flowers the next day but if any of the ladies ever read this, then thanks a million for visiting us 50 years ago!
22794010 Sgt. Cooper C.E
....You must have said something to offend them Ed. They never came back. Please refer to the 'Urban Myths' post below.....