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Anglesey Barracks
The North Irish Horse 1946
14th/21st King's Hussars 1946
1st Battalion The Manchester Regiment 1948-1950
1st Battalion Welsh Guards 1950-1952
1st Battalion The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) 1952
1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles 1954-1956
Unknown Bundeswehr signals training depot
It appears that this barracks was orignially called Sagan Kasrene and was occupied by the North Irish Horse in 1946 after arriving from Austria.  They performed internal security duties in the Wuppertal area until 7 June when these duties were handed over to the 14th/20th Hussars and the North Irish Horse was disbanded.  It was renamed Anglesey Barracks by the 53rd (Welsh) Division and was again renamed on the arrival of the Manchester Regiment in The July of 1948. The barracks was the first to be handed over in 1956.


Was this complex divided by a tramline?